Change upload directory

A distribution recipient might request that a specific distribution be uploaded to a unique, temporary directory. In this case, you should temporarily change the channel path:

  1. Go to the Channels index page. Find the channel in question. Click the red link associated with the channel to arrive at the Edit Channel form.

    Channels: List

  2. On the Edit Channel page, note the current value in the path field. You should revert to that value after the distribution in question is complete.

    Channel: Note the current value in the path field

  3. Enter the temporary directory name in the path field, then click the Save button.

    Channel: Edit the path field

  4. After clicking the Save button, you should be redirected to the Channels index page and you should see a confirmation message.

    Channel updated

  5. You can now perform a distribution. The files will be uploaded to the newly designated directory.

    NB: Remember to revert the path field to its original value after the distribution is complete.