Distribute data deltas

Intermittently, data will need to be changed or corrected. A distribution group entitled data deltas has been setup for this purpose.

  1. Go to the Distribution Groups page by selecting Groups from the Distribution menu.

    Admin: Distribution menu

    Admin: Distribution groups list

  2. Click the perform icon Perform icon next to the data deltas group to create a new distribution template.

  3. Set the options accordingly. For example, in the screenshot below, we specify the data to distribute by ISBN. Another possibility is to specify the data is by Product ID. Note: When specifying by Product ID, data pertaining to all formats of a given product (e.g., Hardcover, Paperback and PDF) will be distributed.

    TitleLeaf: New distribution template for deltas

  4. Click the Create button. The distribution template that you created will result in multiple distributions. For more information, read about distribution templates.