Verify channel destination

Assets are sent through a distribution channel to either an email address or an associated destination. Destinations can be an FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, WebDav account or other.

To verify the setup of a destination, read on.

  1. Select the "Channels" item from the Distribution menu.

    Distribution menu, Channels item

  2. View the list of Channels. If desired, filter the list using search form at top of page.

    Channels list: Destination highlighted

  3. Click the desired "destination" link in the list of channels.

    Channels list: Destination closeup

  4. The destination page provides the account user name and password among other things. Hover your cursor over the dotted password to reveal specifics.

    TitleLeaf: Destination for ingram

    TitleLeaf: Destination for ingram, password