Verify distribution channels

A distribution channel encompasses the rules to follow when sending files to a wholesaler/distributor. A specific wholesaler may have multiple channels. For example, they may receive assets such as data, images, and ebooks. Each asset has it's own rule and by extension its own channel.

To verify the setup of channels, read on.

  1. Select the "Channels" item from the Distribution menu.

    Admin: Distribution menu, Channels item

  2. View the list of Channels. If desired, filter the list using search form at top of page.

    Channels list

  3. View the respective channel details by clicking the "view" icon next to the channels's name. Note: The channel name itself directs the user to the edit page.

    Admin: Channel list, closeup of name

    Admin: Channel list, highlight view icon

  4. The channel page specifies the rules and lists recent distributions.

    Admin: Amazon channel details