Ingest lexile data

When you've received Lexile, you should update the website database. This page explains that process using a Google Doc template. Google Doc is not mandatory; you can follow the same procedure using any modern spreadsheet application (e.g. Excel) that can save data as CSV (comma-separated values).

  1. Open Excel data file from Lexile.

  2. Create a new Google Doc spreadsheet using the lexile template file (See menu item: File > Make a Copy…). The required columns are: isbn, lexile. The word_count column is optional.

    Google Doc: lexile template

    Google Doc: File menu, Make a copy

  3. Copy/paste data from Excel to the new Google Doc file.

  4. Once complete, download the new Google Doc file as CSV to your local computer (See menu item: File > Download as > Comma Separated Values). Name the local file without spaces. For example: lexile-YYYYMMDD.csv (where YYYYMMDD represents today's date)

    Google Doc: File menu, Download as CSV

  5. Ingest the local file through the web admin UI of the titleleaf site:

    a. Admin > Ingestion > New

    Ingestion menu, new item

    b. Type = Default

    c. Attachment = lexile-YYYYMMDD.csv

    New ingestion: Lexile data