Ingest price change data

The Price Change module is used to stage impending price changes. It is most appropriate for clients subscribed to the Distribution module. It can be used to notify wholesalers of changes before implementation. If you're not concerned about forewarning wholesalers, you can alter a product format's prices immediately using the product_formats ingestion template (caveat: using the product_formats template will not update the prices in a user's cart or quotes.).


  • TitleLeaf checks for price changes to distribute on a nightly basis. The day on which a price change notification is distributed prior to the Implement On date is dictated by the Price Change Advance Notice setting (Admin > Management > Settings).
  • TitleLeaf implements price changes on a nightly basis as well, assuming records are found with the Implement On date matching the current date.

To create then ingest price change data, follow below:

  1. Create a new Google Doc spreadsheet using the price changes template file (See menu item: File > Make a Copy…). Name the new file as you deem necessary, but omit spaces (e.g., price_changes-YYYYMMDD where YYYYMMDD is today's date).

    Google Doc: File menu, Make a copy

  2. When the new file is complete, download the data as a CSV file to your local machine. Follow the same naming convention as in step 1, but add a ".csv" extension (e.g., price_changes-YYYYMMDD.csv).

  3. Navigate to the new ingestion form.

    Ingestion menu, New item

  4. Select the appropriate ingestion type (ie, "Price Change").

  5. Choose the local CSV file to ingest, then click the "Create" button.

    New ingestion form