Template to ingestion type table

The following table correlates the Google Doc templates to the appropriate ingestion type. So when you upload a file using the "New Ingestion" form, select the appropriate type from the dropdown menu.

Aside: As a rule of thumb, to determine what template to use, note the name of the "Edit" form in the TitleLeaf admin that contains the field you would like to affect. The form name most often matches template name.

Template Name Ingestion Type
assembly_assignments Assembly Assignments
awards Awards
categories Categories
category_assignments Category Assignments
cip-default Cataloging in Publication
contributors Contributors
contributor_assignments Contributor Assignments
editorial_reviews Editorial Reviews
editorial_review_assignments Editorial Review Assignments
links Links
link_assignments Link Assignments
postal_codes Postal Codes
price_changes Price Changes
products-default Default
products-default-with-multiple-formats Default
product_formats Product Formats
products-only Products Only
product_standards Product Standards
product_tags Product Tags
related_product_assignments Related Product Assignments
renlearn-default Default
sales_contracts Sales Contracts
sales_teams Sales Teams
sales_zones Sales Zones
series Series
testimonials Testimonials
users (eg, customers or sales reps) Users

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