Change status of erratum

An erratum can have a variety of different states:

  • Submitted - Initial state upon creation by a website user or the publisher
  • Accepted - Publisher researches submission and determines that it is valid
  • Refused - Publisher researches submission and determines that it is not valid
  • Fixed - Publisher implements the correction in the book's layout file (e.g. InDesign/Quark)
  • Published - The book is reprinted with the correction

To change the state of an erratum, follow the process below:

  1. Go to errata list page. One method to get there is by clicking the Errata link in the Content menu.

    TitleLeaf: Content menu

    TitleLeaf: Errata list

  2. Select the appropriate erratum. Notice that the Status in this example is currently set to Accepted.

    TitleLeaf: Erratum edit

  3. Click a new status, for example Published. Confirming the change, the new status will no longer be an active link. Also, a new line will be entered in the status list along with the time at which the status was changed.

    TitleLeaf: Erratum status changed to published