Check asset status of upcoming products

During the production process, it's helpful to determine which assets are missing for a given product.

  1. Navigate to the Advanced Search page. A link is available in the menu bar.

    Advanced search link

  2. Click the "Upcoming" link next to the Release Date fields to automatically populate the fields.

    Upcoming link

  3. Click the "Search" button to obtain the search results. Filter the search results further, if necessary. In the following instance, filters were added for "Title" type and "Reinforced" format.

    Search button

  4. Click the "New Package" button to export specific assets for the given search results. The button is in the "Package Assets" form near the bottom of the right sidebar.

    Titleleaf Partial Package Assets

  5. In the new package form, export the search results using the "Asset Status Csv" template.

    Titleleaf Search Results Package Asset Status Csv

  6. The package may take a few minutes to create. Refresh your browser window to follow the progress, indicated by the package State.

    Titleleaf Package Processing

    When the assets are successfully packaged (state = complete), click the link associated with the download file.

    Titleleaf Package Complete