Create excerpt

TitleLeaf use the term excerpt to indicate a sample of book. If you upload a PDF excerpt of a book to TitleLeaf (via an ingestion), TitleLeaf will convert the PDF into HTML that is viewable on the associated product page of the website. It's similar to Amazon's look inside functionality.

Note: To save publishers the time creating excerpts, TitleLeaf can auto-generate an excerpt from a complete PDF ebook.

  1. Navigate to new ingestion page.

    TitleLeaf: New ingestion

  2. Select Excerpts as ingestion type, choose to upload the PDF on your local machine, then click the Create button.

    TitleLeaf: New ingestion, Excerpt

    Note: The file can also be uploaded via FTP. In this case, remember to follow the file naming convention.

If the ingestion is successful, the excerpt will be available to the public on the associated product page.

Sleeping Bear: Read excerpt link

TitleLeaf: Read excerpt example