Export all product data

ThePackage Assets page allows users to export product data (or other assets) with detailed control over the export. To export products, you must define:

  • Asset Type: This is the template that is used to create the exported data file. The format of the resultant file is either CSV or Excel and is indicated by the Asset Type name.
  • Select Assets By: If you'd like to export all data, select Date and leave the Start Date and End Date fields blank.
  • Product Type: Selecting All will export both Sets and Titles.
  • Product Formats: You must specify the formats that you'd like to export. Use the links All, None or Print to quickly select multiple checkboxes.

The following settings can be used to export all product data. This is not recommended, however, because of the processing power required. In fact, TitleLeaf has a Package Limit setting to avoid such accidental demands on the server. A better strategy is to export data grouped by format, date or publisher.

TitleLeaf: New Package form, all products selected