Export product data

Product data can be exported (i.e. packaged) from the advanced search results page or the package assets page. This document will describe the latter process.

Click Package Assets link on the admin home page.

Titleleaf Dashboard Package Assets Highlighted

The Package Assets form has many options. The Asset Type dropdown determines the format of the exported data (e.g., CSV, Excel, Onix). For Csv and Excel formats, the resultant file will have a variety of different columns depending on the specific asset type that you choose. Most options correspond to wholesaler/distributor requirements (e.g., Follett Csv). Others meet general or internal needs (e.g., Default Csv, Default Xlsx).

Titleleaf Packages New

The specific product data that is exported is determined by your choice in the Select Assets By section of the form.

Titleleaf Select Assets By Date

Once you've designated your needs, click the Create button at the bottom of the page to download a file to your local computer.

Note: Depending upon the number of products in your database, creating the file and downloading could take up to 10 minutes.