Replace a product

A common scenario for series publishers is the addition of titles to a pre-existing series. The set that previously represented the series will need to be removed from sale. A new set encompassing all the titles now in the series will also need to be created and activated for sale. Furthermore, it is important to record the relationship of the old set to the new set. TitleLeaf accommodates all of these data issues. The procedure below demonstrates.


  • Both the old set and the new set must exist in the database prior to beginning this procedure. In the following procedure, I will use the two pre-existing sets of "Exploring Our Oceans" as shown below. The set with 16 titles is to replace the set with 8 titles.

  1. Find the old product using your method of choice (e.g. the advanced search form).

  2. Go to the Edit Product page of the old product.

    TitleLeaf: Edit product, old set

  3. Click the Product Formats link in the sidebar to view a list of formats for the old product.

    TitleLeaf: Product formats list, old set

  4. Set the status of each format to "Replaced". Doing so means that the product will not be purchasable on the public website.

  5. Return to the Edit Product page of the old product by clicking the product name in the formats list.

  6. Near the bottom of the edit page is a section entitled "Related Products". Add the new product to the related product list. Define the relation as "Replaced". Doing so means that there will be a link on the product page of the old product indicating that it has been replaced. In effect, we're pushing the user to buy the new product.

  7. Click the "Save" button.

  8. Verify the product page of the old product on the public website.