Update CIP data

Cataloging-in-Publication (CIP) data originates from the Library of Congress. TitleLeaf has various product fields to hold the entirety or segments of that data.

  • CIP - The entire Cataloging in Publication text Ref
  • LCCN - Library of Congress Control Number Ref
  • LC Class - Library of Congress Classification Ref
  • Dewey - Dewey Decimal Classification Ref
  • Annotation - A short description the book

To update those fields, the publisher can:

  • Enter the data through the web admin (this is probably the simplest solution if you only have a couple products to update)
  • Pull data from Loc.gov: Go to the product page, click the "Update from LOC" link in the right sidebar. This process updates the following fields: LCCN, LC Class, Dewey, and Annotation. To verify the data beforehand, click the "Library of Congress" link directly above the aforementioned link (in the right sidebar).

  • Use a subset of the products-default-template or cip-default-template template. As with any template, you can delete any non-required columns that aren't relevant to your data set.