Create a page

The pages module allows an administrator to create custom pages. To create a custom page follow the procedure below:

  1. Go the index page of Pages module by selecting the respective item in the Content menu.

    Web content menu

  2. Click the New page link in the right sidebar.

    Pages module, index page

  3. Fill out the form per your needs.

    New page form


    • The Title appears at the top of browser window and in the browser history.
    • The Path determines the URL of the page.
    • The Layout determines the design of the page.
    • Designating a page as Public means all visitors can view it. If set to No, only admin users can.
    • Entering a Password means only users with the password can view the page.
    • Designating a page as Deletable means that an admin user can delete the page. Pages that are critical to the structure of the website should be marked as not deletable to avoid mistakes.
    • The Body field can contain HTML, Textile markup, or plain text. By using HTML, you can create more complex pages, such as embedded videos. For convenience, TitleLeaf supports a limited amount of variables. It is also possible to loop through the feature products.