The TitleLeaf Terms of Service can be extended with an optional Service Level Agreement. The following table outlines the optional Service Level Agreements available for the current year.

Basic Service

All TitleLeaf subscription plans include:

  • Access to knowledge base
  • Support via help desk
  • Training available on appointment
  • Scheduled development slots available on first-come, first-served basis; One slot is available per month; A slot cannot exceed 10 hours of development time
  • Training and development charged at $150 per hour

Optional Extended Service

All retainers (Levels 1-3) described below include:

  • Priority scheduling for feature requests
  • Web conference support/training
  • Monthly activity report
  • Daily database backup, retained for 1 month
  • Staging site
  • Level 1 Retainer
  • $1500 /month
  • Guaranteed response time 3 business days
  • Up to 10 hours dev/service/training per month
  • 1 scheduled call per month
  • 1 bespoke feature deployment per month
  • Level 2 Retainer
  • $3000 /month
  • Guaranteed response time 2 business days
  • Up to 20 hours dev/service/training per month
  • 2 scheduled calls per month
  • 2 bespoke feature deployments per month
  • Level 3 Retainer
  • $4500 /month
  • Guaranteed response time 1 business day
  • Up to 30 hours dev/service/training per month
  • 3 scheduled calls per month
  • 3 bespoke feature deployments per month

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Basic Service cost?

The Basic Service is included with all TitleLeaf subscription plans.

What is the Term of the Service Level Agreements?

All Service Level Agreements have a term of 1 year. Each specific agreement with a client will define the commencement date for the term.

What is the payment schedule?

An invoice will be emailed on the first of each month representing service for said month. Similar to subscriptions, the invoice is to be paid on receipt via credit card.

Can the hours rollover?

No, if the maximum hour allotment is not achieved in a given month, the remaining hours do not rollover to the next month.

Are overages allowed?

No, if the maximum hour allotment is achieved in a given month, further work will be performed in the subsequent month.

Is the TitleLeaf Client Support team on call?

No, TitleLeaf support is not on call. They can be contacted asynchronously via the support site. SLA response times are calculated using a 9 AM to 5 PM workday in the Pacific Time Zone. Support/training meetings can be scheduled.