To launch your online e-commerce business with TitleLeaf, you will need to select a one-time setup arrangement and a monthly subscription plan.

Monthly Subscription

TitleLeaf setup depends on the complexity of your online business and the degree of customization desired. The subscription plan is simpler to calculate, being based on the file storage needed. The following table lists the standard TitleLeaf subscription plans currently offered and the approximate amount of products it will accommodate. If, as your catalog expands, you exceed your allotted file storage, you will be notified before being upgraded (pro rata) to a larger plan.

  • 15 GB
  • $99 /month
  • Sufficient space for up to 500 titles with multiple downloadable digital products per title.
  • 15 GB of file storage
  • 30 GB
  • $199 /month
  • Sufficient space for 1000+ titles with multiple downloadable digital products per title.
  • 30 GB of file storage
  • 60 GB
  • $299 /month
  • Sufficient space for 2500+ titles with multiple downloadable digital products per title.
  • 60 GB of file storage


  • Backup service. Made once a week and retained for four weeks. Add $19/month.
  • Distribution module. Export data using all partner templates and automate distribution. Add $399/month.
  • Multi-Store module. Run multiple e-commerce sites (aka, storefronts) from one database, one admin interface. Add $29/month per additional storefront.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a setup fee?

For standard subscription plans (ie, plans that include the e-commerce module), yes. The setup fee depends on the the degree of customization you desire in regards to the user interface. Please contact us for a quote.

What's included?

All standard subscription plans include: Unlimited product data, blogging module, file download module, discount code module, ingestion module, basic export functionality, and more.

What does file storage signify?

File storage encompasses the disk space needed for products images, digital products, file downloads, and other files associated with your site.

Need a larger plan?

If your file storage needs exceed the Professional plan, please refer to our larger plans. We can also devise plans on a bespoke basis.

Need help maintaining your site?

The TitleTeam offers a variety of service plans to help maintain and customize your site.

How long are your contracts?

All subscription plans are month-to-month.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. If you decide that TitleLeaf isn't the appropriate ecommerce platform for your business, simply cancel your account by contacting support.

Can I change my plan in the future?

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

Do I need a web host?

No. All subscription plans include secure ecommerce hosting for your online store.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. Everything needed to run your online store (such as domain registration and an SSL certificate) is provided under the TitleLeaf subscription plan. Keep in mind, however, that your merchant bank will impose a fee for credit card processing.

Is there a setup fee for additional storefronts?

Yes, each storefront requires additional setup. For a straightforward variation of the primary storefront's theme, the additional storefront setup fee is $4900.

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